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Render is a versatile & durable material that can be applied in many colours & textures and can withstand extreme weather conditions. Its modern sleek appearance has made it a favourite choice for commercial & residential properties.

Over time your render may become dirty & stained due to exposure to pollutants like dirt, grime & algae. These pollutants not only make your building’s exterior look unsightly, but they can also cause damage to both the render & the buildings that it covers. For your building’s exterior to look its best, it is vital that you have the render cleaned regularly.

Why Is Render Cleaning Important?

Cleaning render is an essential part of maintaining your building’s exterior integrity & appearance. Dirt, grime, & other pollutants can build up over time on your render making it look ugly & detracting from your building’s curb appeal. The render can also be damaged if these pollutants are allowed to build up.

Over time, dirt, grime, & other pollutants can seep into the render’s surface, leading to it deteriorating. This can lead cracking, chipping & other damage that can prove costly to repair. Algae & moss, can additionally lead to organic growth, which can penetrate and cause the surface of the render to weaken.

Regular render cleaning can prevent exterior damage & extend your building’s lifespan. Our expert render cleaners will use special equipment & cleaning solutions to remove dirt, grime & other pollutants safely from your render. This is a great way to improve the exterior of your building while also preventing any damage or deterioration.

It not only helps prevent damage to your render & building but it can also improve your property’s value. Proper maintenance of the exterior of your building is a valuable asset as it is an investment in your buildings long-term worth.

It is important to remember that render cleaning is an integral part of property maintenance & should not be ignored. You can preserve your building’s exterior, keep it looking good, &extend its life span by hiring a professional to clean your render.

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How Do You Clean Render?

Professional render cleaning employs specialised equipment & techniques to remove the dirt, grime, pollutants, & other contaminants from your render. The type of render, the condition of its surface & the extent of the buildup will all affect the equipment & cleaning techniques that are used by our team.

To start with our team will inspect your render to determine which cleaning method will be the best to use. This involves inspecting the render & assessing if there is any damage or deterioration and then the level of pollutants. This assessment will help them to determine the best cleaning method & equipment to use.

One of the most common methods for cleaning render is pressure washing. Pressure washing is a process that uses high pressure water to blast away dirt & grime from the render. This is a great way to remove stubborn stains & buildup, however, the team must ensure that the pressure is not too strong as it can otherwise cause damage to your render.

Soft washing is another method that our team uses for render cleaning. Soft washing uses special cleaning solutions to dissolve the dirt, grime & other pollutants on your render. This is a much gentler method than pressure washing, & less likely to cause any damage to your render so our team will use it on delicate or sensitive areas.

In addition to soft washing or pressure washing our team are also trained to use other equipment & techniques such as steam cleaning or chemical treatments. The exact cleaning method used by our team will vary depending on the particular needs of your building & the condition of the render.

The aim of render cleaning is to restore the exterior of your building while at the same time protecting the render from further damage. Our render cleaning crew has the experience & equipment to safely clean all types render enabling them to offer customised solutions to suit your building’s needs and your budget.

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Why Professional Render Cleaning Versus Doing It Yourself?

Although it might seem tempting to try to clean your render yourself, there are many things that you need to keep in mind before doing so. DIY render cleaning might seem cost-effective, but it can sometimes be more trouble than it’s worth.

The risk of causing damage to your render’s surface is one of the greatest drawbacks of DIY render cleaning. Without the correct equipment & expertise, it’s easy for you to use too much pressure, or use the wrong cleaning agent, which can cause damage to your render. Also, cleaning render by yourself is time-consuming & labor-intensive, especially if you don’t own the proper equipment.

Professional render cleaning is often the best option for building owners. Our render cleaning service teams have the experience & equipment necessary to be able to clean all types of render safely & effectively. They can tailor solutions to fit the specific needs of each building.

Safety is one of the greatest benefits of using professional render cleaning company. Our render cleaner teams are fully trained & qualified to work in at height & have all of the necessary safety equipment. This is especially important for buildings with multiple stories as DIY cleaning can prove very dangerous & risky.

Professional cleaning is also more efficient. Our teams have access to specialised equipment & cleaning products that can quickly &efficiently remove the dirt, grime, & other pollutants. This means that cleaning is usually completed a lot faster than if you try to do it yourself, which can lead to significant savings in both time & money.

Using a professional render cleaning team is a benefit because of their expertise. Our professional cleaners are trained & are able to assess your render’s condition & then recommend the best cleaning solution. This ensures that cleaning is efficient & safe &it leaves your render in the best condition possible afterward.

While DIY render cleaning might seem cost-effective, the advantages of hiring a professional to clean your render often far outweigh the risks & expenses associated with you cleaning it yourself. Professional render cleaning companies offer safe, efficient, expert solutions to maintain your building’s exterior.

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The Benefits of Regular Render Cleaning

Regular render cleaning is a smart investment in the appearance & health of your building’s exterior. If you schedule professional render cleaning services regularly, you can help prevent any damage to your building’s exterior, make it more attractive, & increase its overall worth.

It is a great way to protect the exterior of your building. The render can become brittle from the dirt, grime, & other pollutants getting in to it. This may lead to cracking, chipping & other damage to the render, which can cause costly repairs. These pollutants can be removed & prevented from causing damage to the render surface, which will prolong your exterior’s lifespan.

A second benefit to regular render cleaning is its ability to improve the appearance of your building. It is possible for render to become stained & dirty over time, which will affect the appearance of your building & make it look less appealing. Regular cleaning will remove these stains & restore your buildings exterior beauty & shine. This can improve the overall appearance of your building as well as increase its curb appeal.

The building’s overall value can be improved by regular render cleaning. Property owners can make a valuable investment in maintaining a clean exterior. Regular render cleaning can be a good investment in your property’s long-term value. It helps protect & improve the exterior of the building. This will make the property more attractive to potential tenants or buyers, & can increase its overall value.

The importance of regular render cleaning should not be underestimated. Regular professional render cleaning can help protect your building’s exterior, enhance its appearance, & increase its value.

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Render Cleaning Frequently Asked Questions

Why does render get dirty?

Discolouration of the render comes from carbon staining and sometimes also the growth of algae and possibly the ingress of insect nesting.

Can you waterproof existing render?

A waterproof exterior coating must be applied to the render in order to create a water repellent surface that prevents any water absorption. There are a number of options when it comes to waterproof coatings, including masonry paint, masonry cream or masonry sealers.

How many years does render last?

A typical render has a useful life of around 30 years while the external renders, however, have a shelf life just like many other finishing materials. For instance, some contemporary acrylic- or plastic-based renders should last 20 to 40 years.

Does bleach damage render?

Compared to pressure washing which can easily damage the render, using bleach will ensure it stays cleaner 4-6 times longer. Do not let the bleach solution dry on other surfaces such as glass, this will prove very difficult to remove, keep the glass wet at all times



For more information on Frome residential or commercial render cleaning services, contact us today